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Social Actions


Vision Statement
To empower individuals and communities through resources, awareness and activism that brings glory to God.


Mission Statement
The Social Actions Ministry empowers the members of MSBC to participate in changing their community by providing information and programming that addresses current issues in social justice and education.




What's Happening?

Wear Your Mask” Covid19 Education and PPE Giveaway

We are now conducting "Wear Your Mask" COVID-19 Education and PPE giveaway. Two weeks ago we served 500+ persons. (~400 during the grocery giveaway and 100+ during a stop in the 21207 zip code). A big thank you to those that donated PPE and gloves to support our efforts. We will be duplicating this effort on December 19th.

Did You Know?

In 1883, Segragation laws continued through 1902 by way of Grandfather Clauses, property and literacy.

1. If your grandfather didn’t vote, you couldn’t vote!
2. If you didn’t own property, you couldn’t vote!
3. If you were illiterate, you couldn’t vote!



Social Action Resources

Want to be a part of the Social Actions Ministry? Send an email to


Book and Movie of the Month

Book of the Month: The Miseducation of the Negro – by Charles G. Woodson

The thesis of this book is that African-Americans of the 1930s, when the book was first published, were being culturally conditioned, rather than taught, in American schools. "When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions."

Movie of the Month: 13th (Documentary) by Ava DuVernay

BlackBizFri SOCIAL2


Small Business


One of the entities most severely impacted by COVID-19 are small businesses. Every small business owner has their own unique story, and throughout the pandemic each owners have had to pivot in the face of temporary closures, government regulations and altered consumer demands. And the challenges continue. Morning Star’s Social Actions and Business Resource Group shares the following resources in an effort to challenge “friends and neighbors to spend more where it impacts more— in small businesses and restaurants in our community.”

The Morning Star Baptist Church Business Directory

In 2018. Morning Star developed a Black Business Directory as an outgrowth of a Black History Business Expo. CLICK HERE for the Current directory. Additionally, for the next six months, in an effort to encourage small businesses, the Ministry is welcoming listings FREE of Charge. CLICK HERE to add your business to the directory.


The Black Wall Street Business Directory

Official Black Wall Street promotes itself as the largest platform for Black Businesses.  CLICK HERE to discover thousands of Black-owned businesses near you from pharmacies to restaurants. The site encourages You to buy black and spend wisely.



The Empowerment Experiment shed great insight into economic trends of black people.  For example, it showed that less than around 3% of the current black buying power is spent in black-owned enterprises and if black America were to redirect just about 10% of total black spending to black-owned enterprises, that could translate into the creation of about 1 million jobs centered around communities of color.
Black Enterprise, November 2017

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