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Make It Happen - Women's Season

Make It Happen

Take Charge of Your Breakthrough

God will make this happen, for He who calls you is faithful. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

A One-Day Women’s Retreat


June 6, 2015

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Morning Star Baptist Church
Community Outreach and Educational Center
6665 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21207       

Cost is $50.00 Per Person

Only 100 Spaces Available



Many women can sense their breakthroughs – Personally, Professionally and Spiritually -- but the challenge is moving from “sensing” to realizing. Women have always had an innate ability to “make things happen,” but even with this ability, obstacles often stall and prevent them from moving forward. This Conference will offer tools and solutions designed to empower and inspire women to take charge and “make it happen.” Preaching, teaching, fellowship and unique small group exercises will invite you to become the God-inspired architect of your change.


8:30 a.m.              Registration and Continental Breakfast


9:00 a.m.              Opening Worship Service – Make It Happen


10:00 a.m.            Session One - Write the Vision

Habakkuk’s direction from the Lord, write the vision and make it plain, was clear – but our practical application of this direction is often unclear. Where am I going? What am I doing? Relationally, professionally, spiritually – this is a question women ask themselves daily. This opening session challenges women to write a vison statement for their lives. A personal vision statement can guide your life and provide the direction necessary to chart the course of your days and the choices you make about your career and personal growth. In darkness, this God-inspired statement can be a shining light to help you find your way.


10:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Break


10:45 a.m.            Group Exercise – Write the Vision

Creating a vision board can help you unlock dreams, goals, and successes in your life. During this exercise, ladies will paste and tape collage images from various magazines and newspapers. It sounds simple – but it’s a powerful exercise as you begin to surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, or where you want to live, your life changes to match those images and those desires.


11:45 a.m.            Reflections


Noon                    Lunch

                          Food, fun and fellowship


1:00 p.m.              Praise and Worship


1:15 a.m.               Session Two – The Picture God Sees

In one of the bibles most often quoted illustrations, the Lord urged Jeremiah to observe the work of the potter and what he did with a marred piece of clay -- he molded and fashioned it into something usable. This, according to The Lord, is what He is able to do with our lives. This artistic illustration demonstrates God’s ability to see beyond our mistakes and assure us that there is nothing too hard for Him. As we prepare to close our conference with a practical artistic exercise, our preacher reminds us about “the picture God sees.”


1:45 p.m.              Group Exercise – Putting It All Together

This entire day has focused on recapturing your vision and dream. The day closes with this unique way to unlock your creativity and illustrate what “making it happen” will look like as you move forward.   Don’t be intimated – no painting experience is needed and paint, canvas and brushes are provided. And, everyone will leave the day with a canvas which illuminates our collective vision of “making it happen. ” This exercise, which is being used across the Country, will be unique, fun, relaxing, engaging and powerful.


3:45 p.m.              Conference Closing



Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12


The C.R.E.W. seeks to provide spiritual and social outreach to young adults ages 18-35.  The goal is providing moral and spiritual structure in order to empower lives as disciples of Jesus Christ


The C.R.E.W. Ministry exists to provide a positive environment where millennials can be encouraged, empowered, enlightened, and encounter God both spiritually and through Fellowship.

Ministry Objectives:

  • To draw persons closer to Christ.
  • To operate a vibrant college ministry which promotes higher educations and maintain healthy connection with students who are away at school and those who are local.
  • To foster the development of relationships for MSBC members ages 18-35.
  • To consistently recognize the critical role millennials must play in shaping and implementing current and future ministry.
  • Host activities, which show young adults that you can have fun being a Christian.

More About the College Ministry

The College Ministry seeks to CONNECT, ENGAGE and INFORM. 

Connect   - Identify, establish, and maintain contact with current MSBC college students  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR STUDENT DATABASE

Engage - Offering spiritual and personal insights across communication platforms relevant to student experiences.  Efforts include care packages, podcast with Bishop and college-age discipleship courses.

Inform – Sharing information and resources regarding academics, careers and student opportunities.

Minister Terrell Robertson who oversees our College Ministry, Young Adults and specific activities for millennials. Minister Robertson can be reached by phone at 443-848-0889 or at .

Young Adult Choir

Young Adults ages 18-35 are invited to join the Young Adult Choir who minister every 3rd Sunday!  The rehearsals are the Wednesday and Saturday before the 3rd Sunday.  Please email the Young Adult Choir at  for more information.

Recruitment Flyer Black and White




Children Matter at Morning Star. Our comprehensive program is designed for children Pre-K to 5th Grade. The program is focused on spiritual growth, fellowship and fun. In addition to field trips, fundraisers and outreach events and an Annual Children’s Day (June) Celebration, activities include:
• Back to School Back Pack Give-Away and Fun Day (August)
• Harvest Fall Festival (October)
• Christmas Fellowship
• Black History Month Program
• Easter Celebration

Here is more information regarding the spiritual growth programs:

Church School, or Sunday School, will utilize the Urban Ministries Institute, Inc. (UMI) curriculum to connect children with the story of Jesus Christ and the Bible. UMI follows the International Lesson Series, enabling each age group to study the same scriptures at the same time. The lessons present the Word of God from an African American perspective and allows students to see images of themselves and read materials that are culturally relevant. Stories and illustrations show actual living situations; roles depicted show how the Children learn of God’s love for them; helps build healthy self-concepts, etc. Reading readiness techniques, plus learning directly from the bible allow children to grow to read the bible for themselves.

Wednesday evenings, the Children’s Discipleship Ministry meet in their age and grade appropriate classes in order to study the Word of God so that our children know the Word for themselves. The Children’s Discipleship Ministry uses the Hands on Bible Curriculum entitled “Faith Weaver Now curriculum” which is designed to help our children learn to serve as Christ’s disciples for life. Children will discover the principals for victorious living and will learn to know Jesus, love Him, obey Him and serve Him. Faith Weaver Now uses interactive learning that will give our children knowledge of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Children’s Church is an opportunity for children to celebrate their love for the Lord. Also known as Greater Praise, this service is a worship experience focused totally on children and building their understanding of the Bible and promoting a meaningful relationship with God. Children will take an active part from the opening ice breakers, dancing, singing, ushering, laughter, arts/crafts, to the delivery of the spoken word or lesson for the day.


Important Note:  All volunteers who work with our children and youth must complete the MSBC Abuse Prevention and Risk Management Plan training.  The training program provides critical information and training for persons who volunteer in our children and youth programs.  In addition to completing the training, volunteers must also agree to a criminal background check.  Ministering to, and at the same time, protecting OUR children is of paramount importance to the Ministry.  For more information regarding this training program, contact the Church’s Director of Human Resources .



Worship and Arts Ministry

“Building and Rebuilding Lives Through Worship and Arts”

So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members of one another.  Romans 12:5 KJV

Morning Star’s Worship & Arts Department is committed to establishing a worship culture that is conducive for the spirit of the Lord to inhabit and commune with his bride, the church.   Through singing, instrumentation, dance and interpretation we create a perpetual atmosphere of prayer, praise and worship; fostering and cultivating the believer’s relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Ministry participants holistically serve God and His people, which they believe is their reasonable act of service.  You are invited to join these ministries  in giving God perfected praise and glory in the spirit of excellence


We are a multifaceted ministry committed to glorifying God, exalting Christ, and edifying worshippers using performing, fine and creative and interpretive arts to create a spiritual atmosphere conducive for the praise and worship of God and an atmosphere whereby the word of God can be effectively ministered.


To be a training center and a fellowship ministry whereby members are taught to use their talents and gifts in the areas of performing, fine, creative and interpretive arts in a manner that glorifies God, exalts Christ, and builds up worshippers and creates and atmosphere of worship.

Ministry Leaders

Worship and Arts Ministry
Min. Johnnie MIller

Voices of Praise Choir
Min. Anita McConnell

Young Adult Choir
Min. Tara J. Harris

Children’s Choir
Min. Donna Brown

Youth Choir
Sis. Aoctavia Miller

Men’s Choir
Bro. Stephen Rogers

Praise Team
Min. Anita McConnell

Puppet Ministry
Min. Brenda Lee

Audio Ministry
Bro. Isaac Parham

Video Ministry
Bro. Anthony Harris

Sis. Valerie Hickson

God’s Beautiful Feet Dance Ministry
Sis. Mia Hodge

God’s Heavenly Angels Ministry
Sis. Teri Joyner

God’s Little Soldiers (Boys only)
Sis. Imani Rose

Anointed By Christ Dance Ministry
Sis. Myranda McDaniels

Spirit of David Dance Ministry
Bro. Rashawn Lee

Star Media
Sis. Rose Toran

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Bro. John Bumbray/Sis. Raquel Barnes

Voices of Praise:  The Voices of Praise is a singing aggregation comprised of members of all ages whose purpose is to minister to the congregation through music by singing choir music of multiple styles and genres in order to inspire the church, at-large, to worship God.

Young Adult Choir: The MSBC Young Adult choir is a singing aggregation comprised of church members age 18–35 that minister to the congregation through music by singing energetic, age-appropriate music, such that the presentation of each song is effective and life-changing to the choir members and church at large.

Children’s Choir:  The MSBC Children’s choir is a singing aggregation comprised of children, ages 4 through grade 5, that minister to children, specifically, and the congregation, at-large, through music which is age appropriate, while teaching the members about the Lord through song, as well as being a foundation for choir etiquette, choral performance and setting a standard for excellence in ministry and life.

Youth Choir: (Grade 6 through age 17) The MSBC Children’s choir is a singing aggregation that ministers to youth (Gr. 6 – age 17), specifically, and the congregation, at-large, through music which is age appropriate, while teaching the members about the Lord through song, as well as being a foundation for choir etiquette, choral performance and setting a standard for excellence in ministry and life.

Men’s Choir:  The MSBC Men’s Choir is a singing aggregation comprised of men whose purpose is to minister to the congregation through music by singing choir music of multiple styles and genres in order to inspire the church, at-large, to worship God.

Praise Team:  The MSBC Praise Team is a singing aggregation comprised of selected members whose purpose is to set an atmosphere of praise and worship conducive for the manifested presence of God to abide. Members should be part of other areas of music ministry before inquiring about this music aggregation.

Puppet Ministry:  It is the purpose of the MSBC Puppet Ministry to minister the gospel in a manner that all persons can make it applicable to their lives through the medium of puppetry.

Audio Ministry:  The MSBC Audio Ministry consists of a team of audio engineers, volunteers and professionals whose purpose is to assure that the sound during worship experiences is conducive.

Star Media:  This ministry is responsible for the recording, reproduction and selling of all CD’s and DVD’s through Solomon’s Corner.

Video Ministry: The MSBC Video Ministry consists of a producer, directors, graphics and camera persons.  The producer serves as the leader in the overall videotaping of a service.  The directors direct the camera persons on when and what shots to take.  Graphic persons organize and display images.  Camera persons operate the cameras.  It is the mission of the Video ministry to capture and transmit images to the world as the word is preached, classes are taught and praise and worship is displayed.

Usher Ministry:  The MSBC Usher Ministry consists of persons ages 5 and older (adult males, females and youth).  They serve as hosts during most of our worship services, assisting the worship experience in various ways.

Dance Ministries:  Silent Voices (Ages 4 to adult), God’s Heavenly Angels (Ages 5 to 12), God’s Beautiful Feet (Ages 13-18) Anointed By Christ (Women ages 18 and up), Spirit of David (Men ages 18 and up), The Liturgical Dance Ministries are directed to God as a visual means of ministry, tearing down strong holds, opening doors for praise and worship, and demonstrating an intimate covenant relationship with our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that liturgical dance is a tool to magnify our gifts in the kingdom to edify the anointing in the atmosphere, invite an anointing that will heal, encourage, exhort, set free and deliver the word of God.

Min. Johnnie Miller, Minister of Music

Christian Education

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:19, 20 (NIV)

At Morning Star we take seriously the mandate of our Savior to go make disciples. In order to become a disciple one must study to show themselves approved, a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of God.

The goal of our Christian Education Ministry is to grow strong disciples - spiritually, financially and emotionally. Classes are available for Children, Youth, Young Adults and Adults. There are three areas of study: Discipleship, Stewardship and Spiritual Formation.

Mission Statement
As a body of believers, we have been called by God to assist persons in becoming confident Christians. We will:

  • Encourage, empower and equip men and women to fulfill their God determined purpose through our small group sessions.
  • Make new disciples as we share God's love with all people
  • And, instigate spiritual growth through worship, prayer, discipleship, stewardship and the study of the word of God.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide spiritual growth opportunities and programs that assist the people of God in developing a life style of Christian service, character and conduct.

Jesus spent three years with His disciples and this powerful three-year, small group framework models that journey. Individuals are assigned to classes based on gender and age and work through dedicated spiritual growth tracks which connect them to Jesus and their fellow classmates. Hundreds of Morning Star members have participated in the program. Current tracks are:

Year 1: Growing In Christ
Year 2: Experiencing God
Year 3: The Mind of Christ

In addition to these dedicated tracks, the Christian Education program also includes additional spiritual growth classes including The Battlefield of the Mind, Parables of Jesus, Wives of the Bible and Centering Prayer.

The Program offers Fall and Winter/Spring Learning sessions. Registration details for the Winter/Spring Session will be available in December.

Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Formation is an in depth look into the spiritual disciplines including prayer, study, fasting, mediation, simplicity and worship. The prerequisite for the Spiritual Formation program is graduation from the three-year Discipleship Track.

Stewardship Track
Stewardship is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God. The practice of giving back to God and to the church comes from the Biblical practice of “tithing,” which means to give back a tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:26). Stewardship is also about contributing time and talents.

Our Stewardship Ministry is committed to the growth of persons in the area of Stewardship. Some of our class offerings include: Your Money Matters, Financially Confident Woman, and Financial Peace University. In addition to these class offerings, we also offer free, confidential budget counseling from trained counselors. Our Stewardship programs are open to the public.

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