Social Actions

Our Social Actions Ministries

Vision Statement

Our vision is a future where the Church puts their faith in action, and becomes the lead driving force for social justice.


Mission Statement

The Social Actions Ministry empowers the members of MSBC to participate in changing their community by providing information and programming that addresses current issues in social justice and education.




The IMPACT (Social Actions) Ministry serves as the church's voice regarding social issues. The Ministry seeks to keep social issues at the forefront by heightening the congregation's social awareness.  Current ministry initiatives include Prayer in Schools, Hugs for Kids, Domestic Violence Awareness, Child Abuse Prevention, My Brother’s Keeper Community Garden,  and, an our Edmondson High School Partnership.  The Ministry also coordinates:

SHARE Food Network provides wholesome and nutritious food to families and individuals at a reduced price. The Ministry also provides volunteer service in our community and builds partnerships with community organizations. This Ministry support is open to anyone who wishes to participate. If you eat, you qualify. In addition to the $21.00 fee, each participant must also perform two hours of volunteer work in their community.

RAAYS of Hope is a AIDS awareness ministry committed to community and congregational education regarding HIV and AIDS (which the ministry emphasizes is 100% preventable).   The Ministry hosts fairs, events (with on-site testing), and celebrates milestones in partnership with the Church and community organizations as an ongoing campaign to provide consistent and relevant information.