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IMAGINE...Stable Individuals who are committed Christians determined to maximize the gift of God! This Ministry move will help us establish a winning mindset in God’s people. We will have adequate office and classroom space for programs which help persons succeed, including job preparation courses, classes for ex-offenders and
empowering opportunities for persons who are experiencing various difficulties.

IMAGINE...Strong Families are the cornerstone of our communities. We must recognize our role in strengthening and training families. We do this through a comprehensive Christian education program which includes spiritual, professional and relational growth opportunities.

IMAGINE...Powerful Communities that are opportunities to strengthen our great legacies. Our Family Life Center could facilitate our own sports programs, daily activities for our seniors, relevant ministry programs for our youth which keep them off the streets, and programs for persons wrestling with various addictions. Now the work begins; with your help we can make this Kingdom vision a reality that will impact generations …

✔ Secure the office and administrative building on Security Boulevard and the parcel of land where the sanctuary will be built
✔ Renovate the building for initial use
✔ Move selected ministries to Security Boulevard
✔ Investigate a formal capital campaign
✔ Continue our “Embrace” campaign
• Sell homes on Winters Lane and Wesley Avenue; the church IS NOT being sold

✔ 2/2012: Begin capital campaign (fundraising) in conjunction with selected company
✔ Secure the final parcel of land on Whitehead Road by 11/30/11
• Continue renovations in the remaining portion of our building on Security Boulevard
• Pay down debt incurred in the purchase of the Woodlawn properties
• Sell homes on Winters Lane
• 12/2011: Re--‐engage the architect and engineer

Δ Continue capital campaign (fundraising)
Δ Pay down debt incurred in the purchase of the Woodlawn properties
Δ 9/2013: Secure financing for new sanctuary
Δ Complete renovations

Δ Continue capital campaign (fundraising)
Δ 12/2013: Begin construction of new sanctuary
Δ 2015: MOVE to new sanctuary

Δ Begin new capital campaign (fundraising)
Δ Renovation of Family Life Center/Banquet Hall
Δ Pay off debt

** The timeline is contingent upon fundraising success.

✔ Complete   Δ In Process   • Upcoming